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For the week of
Tuesday, October 15, 2019 through Monday, October 21, 2019

TIP: Say hello to a stranger today!

"GOD provides food for those who fear God, and is ever mindful of the covenant." ~ Psalm 111:5


URGENT NEED! Murray Christian Fellowship (the campus ministry we support, which is located at 1508 Chestnut St) is urgently needing 2 trays of cookies, 2 trays of crackers and cheese, and 2 trays of either veggies or fruit to be delivered to them by 9 AM this upcoming Saturday for their homecoming event.  If you would be willing to bring something, please either call Mike Kerrick at 270-227-0631 or email him at mike@mcfhouse.org AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to let him know what you would be willing to contribute!

Last year we received a very last minute plea from Need Line to contribute items for their Christmas baskets (they sent out 600 last year and plan to send out 800 this year).  We told them that it would be helpful if we could know a few months in advance what we might contribute. After receiving a list from Need Line, the Outreach Committee has committed to our congregation donating 400 boxes of cake mix and 400 icing (chocolate or vanilla) to these much  needed and welcomed Christmas Boxes. There is a bin at the back of the sanctuary for you to put them in.  Please also remember to bring hearty soups, and canned meat. for our Green Needline bags.

The CWF Noel market is right around the corner. This year “Attic Treasures” will be housed in the nursery. Bring used items to the designated place in fellowship hall. Tickets are available for the CWF Soup Luncheon and Quilt Raffle (Saturday, November 2)  from members of the CWF. 
Registration sheets are available in the narthex to sign up for the Disciple Women's Ministries Fall Retreats, scheduled for October 19-20 and November 8-10. 
Ann Thornton is asking for help to clean up after Wednesday Night Live on October 16 and October 23. If you can help, please stay after the programming to help.
Anything you would like to have in Church Life needs to get to Debbie Batteiger this week (Nov / Dec edition)
Camp Loucon weekend for youth is coming up Nov 1-3.  Youth need to reserve ASAP. Forms have been emailed out to the youth and are available on the windowsill of the sanctuary at church. 

Debbie has some samples from her archival work in the Church Office if anyone is interested.

From Nancy Dycus regarding youth activities for October:
  • October 27 Laser Tag at MSU.  It will be $100 for 20 people for 20 minutes.  This is for a youth function but anyone can sign up so the youth will have first chance.
  • October 30 Halloween party for children preschool to 6th grade.  Wear costumes. Party at Judy Phelps house.



Tuesday, October 15
7 p.m. ~ The Far West Men’s Disciples Fellowship is meeting in our fellowship hall for a meal, followed by a program on “Soup for the Soul.”  Everyone (both men and women) is encouraged to attend!  We will need people to help with set up, serving, and clean up.

Happy Birthday Elena Roberts, Shannon Farley!

Wednesday, October 16
9 a.m.-noon ~ Homeschool Co-op

5:30 p.m. ~ Intergenerational Wednesday Night Live.  Our meal (prepared by Ann Thornton and friends) will begin promptly at 5:30 PM, followed by a program on “Racism in Western KY,” that will include a photographic exhibit by Bryan Warner of hate rallies in Western Kentucky and a presentation by Rev. James Gearhart (DOC clergy and former chaplain at Lourdes) who will talk about NAACP and other groups working on problem of ongoing racism in our area.  NOTE:  We encourage our youth to attend this event!

7 p.m. ~ Choir 
Happy Birthday Amberlyn Hall!

Thursday, October 17
6:30 p.m. ~ Boy Scouts

6:30 p.m. ~ “Head and Heart” ecumenical discussion group led by Dr. Ken Wolf at First Presbyterian Church. We will be discussing the introduction and first two chapters of Richard Rohr’s book Immoral Diamond.

Happy Birthday Reed Falwell!

Saturday, October 19
Happy Birthday Ethan Phelps!

Sunday, October 20
9:30 a.m. ~ Sunday School 

10:30 a.m. ~ Worship. Following worship come and enjoy a delicious bowl of soup and bread as we raise funds to help support the important community outreach of New Salem Christian Church in Hayneville, Alabama (that we visited during our trip this past summer).

Happy Birthday Andrew Holton (Hatcher)!

Monday, October 21
7 p.m. ~ Home Bible Study

Happy Birthday Alyssa Daughrity, Celeste McAllister!

Tuesday, October 22
Happy Birthday Brooks Daughaday, Judy Eldredge, Olivia Marshall!

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