Disciple's Men's Fellowship

The DMF group meets for breakfast the second Saturday every month and after their meeting every other month, they deliver the Green bags of groceries and supplies gathered for Need Line.





Our men meet twice a month, once as a congregation over breakfast the second Saturday of each month, and a second time on a Tuesday evening to gather with other men as the Far West Men’s Group from Disciples of Christ congregations in the Purchase area as they rotate from church to church.  Within our congregation, our men provide a service called “Handy Helpers,” where they are willing to go out and help with home repairs (as small as changing a light bulb and as large as building a wheel chair ramp).  In conjunction with the Far West Men’s Group, we are grateful for the significant ministry they so generously offer especially to Camp Kum-Ba-Ya as they help to keep the facility beautifully maintained.  We encourage all men (no matter how young or old you are!) to participate in the Disciples Men’s Fellowship gatherings!



Handy Helpers

Below are some pictures taken at the 60th Anniversary of the Kentucky DMF, held here at First Christian Church in Murray, KY.