Weekly Announcements


Dear Church Family and Friends, 

Last Sunday we heeded the recommendation of the Calloway County Health Department not to have an in-person gathering and move onto Zoom instead. We continue to be in the midst of a very dangerous situation with an extremely contagious Covid variant that has left our hospital full and understaffed.  We will be taking things week by week in making decisions on how best to move forward.  Judy Lyle, who with Doris Cella co-chairs the Church Buildings Reopening Committee, will be checking in with the health department this week to ascertain the risk and make decisions regarding this upcoming Sunday.  We will be emailing the congregation and posting on Facebook later this week what our plans for Sunday are.  There is no way we can make everyone happy and ask for your prayers, understanding, and patience as we attempt to make the best possible decisions to keep people safe.

                                                           In Christian Love and Service,


                                                           Pastor Ruth


Fund-Raising Opportunity

On February 6, First Christian Church will be hosting a Soup and Bread Fundraiser for the 2023 Needline Backpack Program and Laundry Love.  We have money for these projects in 2022, but need to look to the future.  Our plans are to continue the fundraiser monthly through the early spring.

In order to streamline the fundraiser, we ask that people pre-order their soup requests.  This will allow our cooks to prepare enough for everyone, with maybe a few extra.  

The soups available for February 6 will be Chili, Vegetable Beef and Potato.  There will be approximately 12 ounces per serving along with homemade yeast rolls.  Minimum donation is $5.00, but if you feel so led, you may give more.

To pre-order your soup, please call the church office (270-753-3824) and leave a message on the recorder OR send a message via email to First Christian Church: fccmurray@gmail.com.  Pre-orders MUST be made no later than February 4.  If there are additional containers of soup available on the 6th, they may be purchased at that time.

You may pick up and pay for your soup at the door of the Fellowship Hall following church services on February 6.  

These are very worthy projects that we have been supporting for several years.  We hope that you will participate and look forward to seeing you on the 6th.


Ann Thornton
Celeste McAllister
Judy Lyle