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First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
111 North Fifth Street
Murray, Kentucky 42071
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For the week of
Tuesday, April 20, 2021 through
Monday, April 26, 2021



Tip: Our relationship with Jesus changes all the time. Where are you at this table?

"Jesus came to Bethany, the home of Lazarus, Martha and Mary. There they gave a dinner for him. Martha served, Lazarus was at the table, and Mary took a pound of costly perfume and anointed Jesus' feet..." ~ John 12:1-3
Flowers are in bloom at First Christian Church!
Don't forget Earth Day is April 22!

FCC’s Church Buildings Reopening Committee is pleased to announce the church service on Sunday, April 25, will be in person  at 11 a.m., provided our county's Covid statistics remain in the yellow zone.   As a measure of respect and love for each other, please observe the following guidelines established by the committee last year:  

1.  Wear a mask except when observing communion.  (Extra masks are available in the narthex.)

2.  Practice social distancing by using only the pews marked with bows.  

3.  Enter by the southeast door (the left one when facing the church front).

4.  Exit through either of the doors on the south side. (An elder will direct those in each pew at the appropriate time to depart.)

Additional information:
  • Collection plates will be available at the center aisle.
  • Solos and duets are permitted, but no congregational singing.
  • A Simplicity Service will be conducted to limit the amount of time indoors.
The committee requests your patience and support as we negotiate these unprecedented times!  We hope to see you in our beautiful sanctuary on Sunday, April 25.  

Doris Cella,
Co-chair, Church Buildings Reopening Committee


Did you miss the worship celebration on Sunday, April 18? Click on the link below!


Passcode: Zr^=Gzh3

11 AM: In person worship in the sanctuary! (Note: masks and social distancing are required). We will attempt to allow people to participate in this worship celebration virtually. We will be experimenting with Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube so if you are at home please try to tune in one of these ways.
At Home: A copy of our at-home worship service is included as a link on our church website at www.fccmurray.com. A copy of Pastor Ruth’s sermon will be emailed out as a PDF file and also will be posted on our website. Her message can be listened to on Facebook Live (technology and internet service permitting). You may access this by going to the Facebook icon on our church’s website or through your own Facebook page.

9:45 AM ~ Zoom Coffee Gathering for a time of fellowship.  
10 AM ~ ‘Simplicity Sunday’ Worship Celebration via Zoom. We will share in a time of fellowship, music, prayer, and communion together.  This upcoming Sunday we look forward to having Elena Roberts share something about her faith journey. Please have a candle ready to light as we are welcomed into our sacred space as Mark Dycus plays “Holy Ground” for us and something to symbolize the bread and cup as we partake of communion together. Please email fccmurray@gmail.com for the Zoom link.
COMMUNION: If you are using your at-home worship kits, we encourage you to take communion at 10 AM, as you join with others at this time to share in the bread and cup.
OFFERING: You may mail your check to the church at First Christian Church, 111 North Fifth Street, Murray, KY 42071 or drop it off in the secure mail slot in the door beside the one leading into the fellowship hall. You may also give online through our Givelify app.

CHILDREN’S ZOOM FELLOWSHIP GATHERING at 4 PM ~ the Zoom link will be emailed out later in the week.


Thank you to everyone who has sent in their tithes and offerings to the church! We encourage you to continue to be faithful in the giving of your tithes and offerings by mailing them to the church at: First Christian Church, 111 North Fifth St., Murray, KY 42071 or giving online through Givelify!

If you rather bring your offerings to the church, there is now a mail slot, located in the door to the fellowship hall kitchen. 


Missing worship service? No problem. Make your tithes and offerings with Givelify from wherever you are, using your computer or your Smart phone app.

To make a computer donation, go to https://www.givelify.com/givers to start giving. To make a mobile donation, we recommend you download the Givelify app for Android or iPhone.

It's free to download and use. It’s totally safe and secure, and for tax time you have one-tap access to your complete donation records.